пятница, 29 февраля 2008 г.

Yahoo! has changed their CAPTCHA

In our previous post we've claimed that Yahoo! CAPTCHA is broken.

Since then many poorly educated journalists (mostly Russians) wrote fiction stories about this research.

From these stories we knew that:

  1. John Wane blackmailed Yahoo!;

  2. Network Security Research is a part of some criminal network;

  3. we’re going to sell millions of Yahoo! accounts.

None of that is true. All we wanted to say was that Yahoo! CAPTCHA recognition complexity was overestimated.

More than a month has passed since we had released the code. And something happened inside Yahoo!. At last, they have changed their CAPTCHA. The released version of the code does not work anymore.

But worry not! We have some interesting stuff to release. Stay tuned to Network Security Research and AI.